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The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2023-10-27 Tour of Bastrop Texas

 Bastrop is a nice smaller town about 75 miles east north east from San Antonio. There are interesting things to see, a great state park near town, and the usual amenities like hotels, restaurants, Walmart, and HEB.

There is an interesting Main Street to explore.

There is a beautiful park along the river behind Mains Street.

And another interesting area of small shops and restaurants between Main Street and the river.

Some shops were decorated for Halloween.

One of the interesting things we did during our rally was a scavenger hunt to find old buildings and houses which was a great way to see much more of the town. This is the Old Jail. See the bars?

An old gas station serving as a bank.

The Colorado River in Fisherman's Park.

There are some really beautiful homes old homes in the town.

They even have an Opera House.

There is even a foundry producing beautiful metal sculpture with several on display.

We also found an area with a lot of Halloween spirit displayed. The horse and people skeleton were almost a little too realistic looking with dessicated flesh.

Those are skulls not stones around the flower beds. Ooh! Happy Halloween.

The idea of a scavenger tour was a great one. You just never know what you will find. Every town has things to see if you just take the time to look.

2023-10-26 Bastrop Texas Ramblin' Roses Rally

 Texas Ramblin' Roses Rallies are always great especially if you come early and stay late. 

Teri is a full timer but this area is her home stomping ground. She told us about Snow's BBQ in Lexington Texas. The pitmaster is Tootsie Tomanetz. She's over 80 and very well known in the BBQ world. She has been featured on Texas Country Reporter and Texas Monthly. Snow's is only open on Saturdays and the line starts early.

Did I mention there is a line and the line starts early? It wraps around the block even though they don't start selling until 8 AM. 

Teri, Sherry, and Teresa arrived at 8:30 AM and were around the block. They waited in line for 3 hours. Elaine and I arrived at 9 AM and decided we weren't going to stand in line for hours and they do run out sometimes. the other women decided to stick it out and insisted they would get us some. They did and it was very good (and expensive too) but a 3 hour wait is just too much.

Rain was a big possibility during this rally and we did not have a rally room since it was a state park. Teri had a cover stored at a friend's house which she picked up and we those of us that arrived early set it up on Friday. This was not just one of those easyup clamshells but a large 20 by 10 foot cover with tie downs.

We put the top together on the ground and then those of us that are tall lifted it up while others put the poles in place.

And then we tied the top to the frame and staked it down with guy ropes. Elaine brought two 8 foot long tables for under it. It came in handy for both shade and rain drops. Several other women brought easy-ups which we put over top a couple picnic table where we set up food and a coffee stand.

Several of ventured into town to Maxine's for breakfast (a couple times). It was great.

We also gathered other places.....

...for a weinie roast and s'mores.

If you want to set around in a circle, you can play "Left, Right, Center" in a big plastic box.

Several different groups ventured up to the scenic overlook to take in the sunset.

There was a planned guided kayak/canoe trip on the Colorado River but it was too windy so the guide/rental place cancelled.

That, however, did not stop the women with their own kayaks from heading out. They just kayaked near the takeout ramp since paddling back agains the wind would have been tough.

Plan B worked for some water fun.

It was a great rally. WIth 32 women including 4 new members, it was a smaller rally for our group whch is the case with state park rallies since it is very hard to get sites. Check out my other posts for other things we saw and did during this rally.