The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Friday with the Get'away Gals

For some of the adventurous Get'away Gals, toobing the Guadalupe River was part of the fun.  For those who aren't from this area and thought the water was a bit cold, it is the same temperature in the middle of the summer.  There were lots of people out enjoying the beautiful weather and the water this weekend.

The Lazy L & L catered our barbeque dinner Saturday night serving smoked pork and chicken, cole slaw, and beans along with some great cobbler.  Pam Sinclair, one of our two hostesses, takes her costumes very seriously all in the name of fun.

Hmmm, I think I saw some of these girls at our Pink Flamingoes GTG a couple of weeks ago.

There was a contest for the best "shoebox float" in honor of Fiesta which was the GTG theme.

I thinks someone got a little carried away with their idea of what a "shoebox" was.  Great job but not in the guidelines.

And then there was the "best costume" contest.

Not everyone with great costumes stepped up to the front.

Barbara's outfit was just beautiful.

 Here's some of those gals you may recognize again.

It was a very fun night that included a band at the outdoor pavillion.  Lots of fun was had by all.

Get'away Gals Trailer Tour

The Get'away Gals opened their hearts and their trailers to the public Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for donations to benefit the Wounded Warrior program at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Lots of people stopped by the Lazy L & L RV Park to check them out.  Ladies, please let me know if I make any mistakes in identifying your beautiful little home away from home.

Martha Faetche, Brownwood TX

The Red Queen
Jolene Barr, Double Oak TX

Linda Richard, Temple TX

A 1953 "Future Beauty"
Susan Sharp??

Miss Liberty Boop
Pat Jones, Vidor TX
Nan Stover, Grand Prairie TX

Cha Cha Chick
Cathy Arnold, Bartonville Tx

Flamingo RV Park
Sherry Phelps, Bartonville Tx

Hen House
Donna Hodgkins
Charlott Street

Packin' Polly
Sharon Lambert

Little Bevo
Pam Sinclair

Cowgirl Caravan
Linda Brede

Baby Bullitt
Kathye Riche

Shabby Cowgirl
Pat Stubler, San Antonio TX

TAB "Too Sexy for My Boots"

Love Shack
Rhonda Painter, Fredricksburg Tx

Nelda Wohl

Road Bling
Karen Wigginton, Canyon Lake Tx

Material Girl
Anne Corzine

Bella Rose
Virginia Landry

Tiny T
Treasa Doyal

Jannie McDonald & Sherrie McDonald
Special story:  Jannie is a GG and wanted to bring her DIL so she could enjoy too.  Tried to get a cabin, just didn't work.  Rented an RV, arrived and in an hour had made a rented RV "their own" complete with decorations and Margarita Cupcakes for guests.

Trish Cater

Loody Patoody
Terry Kinnick

Welcome Aboard
Lois Allen, San Marcos Tx
"Cape Cod theme dedicated to Mom"

Desert Temt
Darlene Scoggan

Christine Youngblood?


American Honey



Last Rodeo

A few of the ladies were not at their RVs when they were open so I wasn't able to get every name.  And, if I missed your RV, I'm so sorry.  There were many more RVs at the GTG but not everyone decorated.  All the little vintage trailers are really cute but it was impressive how some of the newer RVs were very personalized and so neat too.  Gave me lots of ideas.  Hope you all enjoyed the tour.