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Frank's Cafe, Canyon Lake, TX

Frank's Cafe is a rather unique cafe located out at Canyon Lake west of New Braunfels, TX.  I've passed it numerous times on my way to the COE park and, even stopped one day, only to find that it is closed on Mondays.  The sign says Cafe Frank's but it is actually Frank's Bait and Taco.  With a name like that, I was expecting more of a fast food type of cafe, you know, tacos and chips in a basket.  Not so....

There is a bait stand but it is separate.  The outside appearance is taxi-cab yellow but you can't really see much of the building itself.  Between the entrance and the front doo, there is a patio with unique items for sale.

Once you are actually inside the door, there is a little store area on the left with a lot more "stuff" to look at and maybe purchase if something catches your fancy.

Finally, you enter the dining room itself which is best described as sensory overload.  It is definitely eclectic and there is plenty to keep you occupied once you have ordered your dinner.

The menu is full of delicious Mexican food items.  But you should know in advance that this is not a tacos and burgers joint as you might think and they do not charge fast-food prices.  It is a restaurant.  The food is homecooked and delicious.  Even the tortillas are homemade.  They do not take credit cards either so come with cash.  Expect prices in the $10-$15+ price range without drinks.  I had a quesadilla, half-chicken and half-beef.  It was very good.

The birthday girl had carne guisado-pork and it was also delicious.

There is a patio at the back with tables if you want to eat outside.

"Frank" the owner and waiter is really "Eddie" and he takes time to chat with each of the customers and encourages you to look around while you wait for your dinner and afterward.  "Mrs Eddie" was in the kitchen cooking.  An interesting dining experience!

I had intended to stop at the Canyon Lake Info pull-off on my way out to the lake but it was crowded with photographers; however, I just had to stop on my way home.

The wildflowers are everywhere and they are sooooooo beautiful this year.  You'll be seeing more of them over the next couple of weeks.

A Walk in the Wildflowers

The city of San Antonio is really making progress with establishing greenways for walking, hiking, and biking

Our walk was 2.4 miles along the Leon Creek Greenway.  We did a small portion of this walk once before but this time we took two vehicles and parked one at each end so we could do one long section.  There are trailheads with parking at various points along the routes and there were lots of people out walking and biking.

Everything is so green and there is even water in the creeks.

This whole area has been carefully planned utilizing land that occasionally floods during heavy, extended rains.  We don't get those often but you have to be prepared.  The walkways are nice and wide so there is no problem with bikers passing hikers.  If you look along the sides of the walk, you can see the gravel bed covered with wire to prevent things from washing away during the waterflows.

While going for a walk was nice, we really went to see the wildflowers.  All of these trees were just covered with little yellow balls....  I have never noticed so many of these trees before.

This is a close-up of the "balls" which are actually completely round flowers!

Delicate little purple flowers...

You have to love the signs they put up too.  The paths are very windy and scenic.  The signs are up very high (to give less resistance to water flow I guess) but they help keep people alert for bikers coming along the paths at some speed.

Bluebonnets and's Texas!

Really tiny little flowers.

Even thistles have blooms.

More water...isn't that amazing?

I wonder what's around the next corner?  It's another one of those blind curves.

See the bikers on the path ahead of us?

The Balcones Fault Zone goes through this area.

We are almost at the end of the path....

You can see I wasn't the only one taking photos.

Almost as bright as the Texas sun.

This is a good example of where water would flow through in times of very heavy rain--like two weeks ago!

We are at the end of our walk.  This part of the path goes through the trees and is gravel.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through the wildflowers as much as I did.  They are really beautiful this year.  You can see them all along the highway and in fields here and there all over the area.  Wouldn't it be nice if they lasted all summer?  But, they are here now and we will enjoy them as long as we can.