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The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2023-02-20 RV Having Birthday Fun


I had a birthday last week. It started out with breakfast fixed by my husband. My daughter-in-law Helen fixed dinner. There were presents and there was cake.

And then there was a camping trip with my son Steve! Steve, Harley, and I headed out to Garner State Park which is about 100 miles away on Monday about 1100.

It is normally impossible to get reservations at Garner because it is a very popular park, probably the most popular state park in Texas. But if you decide to go in February and you go during the week, score!  We had a nice site in the older Oakmont area which is 30AMP and water. There are numerous camping areas at Garner including one that has 50AMP but we liked the older feel of Oakmont. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of our site. One negative thing I notice is that a number of the sites had the picnic table area of the site on the wrong side of the RV making use a little awkward/

Tuesday we decided to do a little exploring in the park. there is a park store, a laundromat, a Visitor's center, and the famous Pavillion. We did go to the Visitor's Center to use the limited wifi. It was closed but we were able to send messages but not make calls. There is no Verizon service in the area. there may be very, very limited ATT service but I wouldn't count on it.

Close to the Pavillion is the Garner Grill. Of course, it was not open since it was during the week in the winter but it looked fun.

Now on to the very famous Pavillion. In the summer, there is dancing every weekend. Some people drive in for the day just for that. It contributes greatly to the overall popularity of the park.

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) is responsible for the wonderful structures in this park. they did so much great work in this instead of welfare....what a concept.

Everything they build here is primarily stone.

This is the front of the pavillion with the dance floor outside under the stars.

This dance floor has been in use since the 1940's. 

The work on Garner State Park was completed in the 1930's so this park is about 90 years old!

The dance floor and pavillion is right next to and above the Frio River. There are paths to walk all along it.

The river is low but flowing. I can only imagine the beautiful scenery in the spring and summer.

This is one of the many cabins at the park. Check out the siding, natural slabs not just machine milled. the park also has many screened shelters available.

This is the dam with water above deep enough for swimming. Steve said it was cold but I told him it would also be cold in the is the Frio River.

The park has kayaks, paddle boats, and standing paddle boards.

There are are RV parks across the river and the lines you can see are swings.

Several large turtles had no problem with the chill water. We also saw a raccoon and a fox crossing the road while we were in the park.
Looks like a fairy ring someone built in the river.

Steve walked out on the dam to check it out.

As I said earlier, the park has been around for about 90 years but this area was popular for thousands of years before that.

The trees along the river are old and large. We found one that had even grown right around the stone wall the park built so many years ago.

Out on one of our walks, Steve spotted this unique RV. He was intrigued and I knew he wanted to find out more about it. He can chat with anyone. Harley and I waited a half hour for him and then decided we would amble back to the RVfor a drink. Steve joined us after another half hour having had an interesting conversation with the RVer. It's a german overlander type RV. The traveler is German and shipped it over here after he retired. He has been traveling across the U.S. for a year. He makes periodic trips home and returns to travel some more. Steve got his Instagram account and will be following him as he does with several other unique RVers he has met.

Speaking of interesting sites, it is not often you see two boys riding One Wheels and pulling a Blue Boy (poo hauler) to the dump station.

Wednesday we drove into Leakey to find Wifi so that Steve could take a call from the VA. We found the Bear's Den restaurant located right behind a gas station/store. The woman setting up was really nice and very helpful and the Wifi was great. 

The weather was fantastic while we were at Garner. the first night was cool and I didn't set up the heater. Steve's shaved head got cold so he improvised. Very resourceful son.

It was a great camping trip and I hope to do it again soon. Thanks for the great birthday trip.

2023-02-12 Col Fannin Memorial and Angel of Goliad

 This memorial is dedicated to Colonel Fannin and his men that were captured and slain at Goliad. Refer to the Presidio La Bahia for more information on the story of Fannin and his men.

There was also info on the Angel of Goliad in thesame post.

Details about Francesca Alavez, the Angel of Goliad sometimes vary a little but there is no doubt that she did a lot of good. She pleaded for better conditions for the men, saved some directly by sneaking them out and hiding them, as well as caring for them and sending messages, and getting provisions for them. Ultimately her husband abandoned her and she lived out her life on the King ranch.

Right next door is the La Bahia cemetery.

This cemetery has been use for many years.

Goliad is a great place to see u lot of Texas history. Be sure visit if you have the opportunity.

2023-02-12 General Zaragoza's Birthplace

 Right next to the Presidio La Bahia.

General Zaragoza was important in the defeat of dictator General Santa Anna when he led a group of Mexican volunteers against Santa Anna in 1855. He also led a group of 4000 men against 8000 seasoned men of Napoleon's French troops . The victory is now celebrated as Cinco de Mayo.

Politics then as now are tumultous.

The Goliad community was instrumental in recognizing Zaragoza.

Cinco de Mayo is not Independence day for Mexico. September 16 was when Father Miguel Hidalgo urged Mexicans to reject Spanish rule. It is known as the"Cry of Dolores".

An interesting part of Mexican and Texan history.