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2023-07-28 A Visit to the Witte Museum, San Antonio TX

 My granddaughter Morgan is interested in theater, film, and anthropology but it seems she also has an interest in dinosaurs so we took a trip to visit the Dinosaur special exhibit at the Witte Museum.

It's amazing how they can put together a whole dinosaur from a few bones.

These kids were having so much fun with this screen allowing you to see yourself with the dinosaurs that the adults didn't stand a chance of trying it out.

....which left us to look as these more sedentary displays.

I think Morgan and Steve may have been discussing who could have gotten away faster if they were being chased.

Ah, the vegetarian of the group.

Shades of Jurassic Park movies.

And then we moved away from the special exhibit to the regular Witte displays. This guy senses movement and talks to spectators. I have to say it's a little creepy considering his eyes.

I love the horse displays.

Yes Morgan, they really do have horns that big.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day spent with family and culture.