The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2021-12-23 Christmas Lights

 The annual Windcrest Light Up is a decades-old tradition in which residents decorate their homes with elaborate displays of holiday lights. A contest is held to pick the most beautifully decorated homes in various judging categories and the public is invited to drive along neighborhood streets to view the brightly-lit displays. This year’s theme is "LET FREEDOM RING" - A Tribute to our Military. Traffic was very slow as everyone followed the map through the neighborhood. Can't imagine what it was like on the weekend. But it was well worth it. And now......on with the show.

Every branch of the service was well represented.

And the real reason for the season was also well represented.

This neighborhood is really dedicated as it must be a bear to arrive and leave from home for hours between mid December until after New Year's.

I'm sure planes flying over San Antonio can see the glow from the neighborhood wide display.

It took us about two hours to drive through but it was well worth our time. Thanks Windcrest residents.