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The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2024-02 Another Birthday

 The birthday ended with cheesecake after a lovely dinner of eggplant parmesan and tortellini prepared by my DIL Helen. We have a birthday hat in our family that everyone has to wear on their birthday that you probably noticed as well as a birthday plate.

But it actually started a few days earlier when my son and daughter-in-law took me along with my granddaughter, and grandson to 1Watson restaurant high above downtown San Antonio. The women shared a delicious chicken and waffle buffet.

While the boys each had a brisket sandwich which included a fried egg

Everything was delicious. They have a great outside patio area overlooking the Bexar County Courthouse and the cathedral that we checked out but it was too chilly to sit out there.

We all enjoyed it especially me since it was a lovely surprise. 

2024-02-11 Presidio La Bahia, Goliad TX

Sunday afternoon we headed just up the road to visit these places.

The Presidio is impressive as you drive up the road.

Before we headed inside, we saw these turkeys crossing the field out front. 

Lots of history in Texas.

More on the Angel of Goliad coming up. 

There is a lot of information on posters and displays inside the museum but it was nice to get outside.

Built in the corner of the Presideo, the church was a big part of the compound.

Just out in front of the Presideo is the birthplace of General Zaragoza. It is actually part of the state park.

I have to admit it. We spent very little time inside this building as the mildew smell was overwhelming although we couldn't see any.

On our way to see the Fannin Memorial, we were surprised and thrilled to see lots of wildflowers...early February!

Even very early bluebonnet peeking out.

The Fannin Memorial is impressive. Names are engraved on the front.

More on the Angel of Goliad that did all she could to help the men that were killed here.

 There are stone tables and benches around this stature donated by and engraved with names of her descendants.

2024-02-10 Mission Espiritu Santo de Zuniga- Goliad TX

 Saturday afternoon, Elaine and I headed over to the mission which is located right in Goliad State Park. I have been several times but it was Elaine's first trip to this area.

We picked a great time to visit as the park actually had someone who was going to doing a guided tour. We elected to go on our own rather than wait but he gave us some tips on where to go and what to see.

Reading that there were apparently some cannibalistic Indians located in this area came as quite a surprise. 

The inside of the church is pretty. It is not currently in use for services and there are no benches for seating.

While this wall fragment is not from this mission, it is what this mission would have been like.

We moved on to the museum part of the mission and Elaine tried on the chain mail and helmet. Both were very heavy. It's hard to imagine what a heavy load the whole soldiers outfit would have been.

Looking at this map shows just how much of the area was taken up with missions. The triangle piece is the only area that is not allocated to mission land.

After the missions were officially disbanded, two priests stayed behind with the town of Goliad.

This portion of wall was the only original wall left before the mission was rebuilt.

These are looms like what would have been used back during mission times along with the yarn showing what natural dyes would have been used to color...everything from plants to types of soil.

This is part of the work that the Indians would have done for the mission.

The Civilian Conservation Corps began rebuilding the ruins of the mission in 1935.

The missions were founded to defend Spain's territory from the French and Indians as well as to convert the local Indians.

We finished our tour just as the tour group including other members of our rally were ready to set out.