The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2020-11-22 Early Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving was early this year because this is when the grandkids came to San Antonio. It's the idea and family that counts so no problem. I am so lucky to have a daughter-in-law that loves to cook holiday meals especially now when I am having so much trouble with my hip....awaiting surgery. I made homemade rolls and she did everythig else.

Dinner was great as usual.

And after dinner a movie. Yes, they have a hammock in their family room.

Angus's preferred spot when Grandpa is there watching a movie, lol.

2020-11-17 Another Birthday Happy 17th Cameron

Earlier in the day we played a few games.

It is so hard to believe that Cameron is 17. The last few years have flown by.

You may remember the "Birthday" hat that everyone "gets" to wear thanks to Helen. Dave's contribution years ago was a McDonald's birthday plate. The kids have long ago outgrown the idea but we still use it for the birthday person's cake. What do you get a 17 year about some Sonic gift cards to start.

Morgan didn't want Harley to be left out.

Cam is an Adidas fan.

And a soccer addict.

He also got a battery starter than also charges cell phones, etc.

Sometimes birthday cakes take on a different form in our family. You just never know. 

Cam thought this was great and that is all that counts.

2020-10-31 Halloween Fun

Halloween rolls around again. Who knows what it will be like with the pandemic in full swing. It seems like our neighborhood has more events going on now than they have ever had. A lot of people said that they would be taking their kids trick or treating so we bought candy not knowing how much we would need. In the meantime, the grandkids and kids were going to neighbors to hand out candy in their neighborhood. They came over to get a little help with their "costumes". DH is a pretty good artist when he chooses to be. He painted pumpkins for all his favorite motorcycle shops. Now he's painting Cameron.

Cam told him what he wanted and he did his best to accomdate.

Pretty scary!

Next up, our daughter-in-law Helen. Shhe loves this kind of thing.

Hard to believe this is our sweet funny Helen, isn't it?

Here they are ready to head home and put the rest of the costume on. Boooooo!
Harley sat on the porch with me for a while but got too excited at seeing all the kids. so he came in for a nap. I set up treats on each of the blocks around the flower bed in front so each child could pick up their own treat without touching anything else.

Happy Halloween!