The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

3-28-2023 Texas Ramblin' Roses Rally, Camp Wood TX

 We had a great rally. The hostesses picked a good location that was out of the way but perfect. I arrived on Thursday. I was all set up and getting a little nervous waiting on my sister-in-law Elaine to arrive since I knew she was going to be coming in a hilly, curvy road. No Verison cell phone service here so I couldn't call her to check but she arrived and was all set up before I knew she was there. She sent me a message but, of course, I didn't get it. Friday, Judy, Lois, and Deb were busy cooking up bacona nd sausages ahead of time for the Saturday breakfast. That was a lot of bacon and the smell filled the rally room.

In between the work, games were in progress.

Our treasurer Hilde got a Ladderball tournament going that went on for two days with playoffs. Some ladies were really good, others.......well it was fun.

Barbara had the technique down pat. Lots of cheering from the sidelines.

Judy and Lois serve up banana nut and blueberry pancakes, sausage, and bacon for Saturday morning breakfast.

Lots of visiting, welcoming new members, and games.

Saturday night was a chili cookoff. there were about 12 big pots of chili to judge and eat for dinner. Judy won the chili with the most beans category and was awarded a bottle of Beano for her efforts. Elaine came in third. She also had the most truly Texan chili (no beans). Barbara was second and Deb, one of our hostesses, came in first.

The rally room was great with a kitchen, bathroom, and large dining area. It also came with a big shady porch which was great for watching the ladderball tournament and well as relaxing and playing games.

Our members travel in all kinds of rigs and are always ready to show them off.

Not sure this captures all the rally attendees but we try.

Sunday night found some of us still rallying. What fantastic sunset!

Monday was a relaxing morning. The park had no problem with Elaine and I hanging around until almost noon since we were on our way to Garner State Park. We headed back across the Nueces River, through Camp Wood and on to Leakey.

The road to Leakey is one of the famous Twisted Sisters roads that are loved by motorcycle riders for all their hills and curves and thrills. It was fun. Unfortunately, there are no places to pull over and get photos of the fabulous scenery. And we survived!

03-27-2023 Camp Wood TX

 I'm always eager to head out to a new place. I originally thought that Camp Wood was in a different location because I was thinking of Camp Verde until I looked at the map. I was heading to Nueces River RV and Cabin Resort for a rally. More on that in the next post but This is a great area and a great park. I took Hwy 90 out of San Antonio and turned north at Uvalde. Okay, okay, I actually cut across country at Sabinal but the important info is that the roads are super easy with an RV no matter how big. You should also know that the famous Twisted Sister region is just north of Camp Wood. It's loved by all motorcyclists for it's very hilly, curvy, and exciting roads so coming from the north and northeast, you need to know what you are getting into. The RV park is surrounded by hills and trees.

The front of the park is the newest with pull-through and back-in sites with full hookups.

Flowers out to welcome our arrival.

The park has a great pool with chairs and some shade. The pool was actually open but not heated so it was 69 degrees. It was a beautiful warm day in the 80's and there were actually people using the pool in the afternoon.

They also have a large splash pad but there weren't any kids around to use it during the middle of the week.

They have a large, very nice rally room but this isn't it. This is actually a two bedroom cabin suitable for sleeping 14 people. They also have several large cabins as well as quite a few cabins for 2 or 4.

This building houses several individual bathrooms for women and a laundry room. Men's bathrooms are in another building.

This is a shelter which comes with a/c and heat but no furnishings. Beats a tent in extreme heat or cold.

Areas to relax or play some outdoor games.

Sunsets are spectacular.

Fully furnished cabin for two or 4.

Nice RV sites with full hookups. Yes, that is me.

This is the oldest part of the park. Beautiful shady spots with water and electric. Next time I will be here. They have dump stations so full hookups are really unnecessary unless you are here for almost a week or have a lot of people in your RV.

There is even free entertainment. 

All in all, it's a very nice park with friendly staff. The hill country is beautiful. It's wise to bring plenty of groceries. There is no grocery store in Camp Wood but you can pick thigs up at the gas station/convenience store or King's Texas Smokehouse which has good food. The Canyon BBQ and Grill and Casa Falcon are also good but go early as they close early. We sampled all at the rally coming up in the next post.

3-19-2023 Texas Wild Flowers

 Spring break is over and I had to take my granddaughter back to Marble Falls to meet her mother. As long as I was already out on the road I decided to take advantage of my travels and expand them to take in the wildflower bloom. since I was already up in Marble Falls, the "Bluebonnet house" was first on the list. It's famous among professional photographers so I decided to take a shot myself.

Next, I headed across country to the Willow City loop where I have gotten good results some years. It's north of Fredricksburg Texas and goes through private ranch land.  Ride along and enjoy.

This emu was putting on quite a show.

The next few photos were taken at the Wildflower Farm in Fredricksburg.

And the final photos were taken in a field next to the gas station just south of Blanco.

I hope you enjoyed the show and get a chance to see it in person. The wildflowers are blooming!