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The Longdogs
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Coping During Coronavirus

So how do you all cope while the coronavirus has us in Stay at Home mode? Well, I learned how to do Curbside Pickup for borh Walmart and HEB. I like HEB produce better but their pickup dates were over a week out although they have improved that in the last two weeks but I just noticed that they added a charge for choosing a two day out pickup. I changed my pickup date to next week.  Walmart has always had more choice in Pickup Dates close to when you ordered. They have not added a charge.  Pickup is very easy at both locations but I still see idiots hopping out of their cars to chat even though the signs specifically ask you to stay in the car. They are also the ones without masks. The store employees all have masks on and generally do a great job.

I also spent some time rock painting before Easter so the neighborhood kids could find them as they walked around in their little family group. The neighborhood also asked people to put a teddy bear in the window so the kids could count them. They have been very good about not congregating with their friends.

I also learned how to use Zoom so I could host a Virtual Brunch for one of my RV groups. We had a lot of fun chatting with each other.

My DH painted a couple of designs on our wood fence which led to a neighbor asking if he would paint a concrete Texas for her yard. He can't stand still for a moment so he has to keep busy.

He also made a stand for his weight bench that kept him busy for several days.

One of our Texas Ramblin' Roses groups put together a Virtual Trip for the Texas Ramble rally that we had to cancel. There were six different parks involved. She posted pictures from other times she has visited and asked others to do the same. Since I hadn't been to three of the parks, I really enjoyed it. We even had a campfire one night, lol.

Another Virtual Brunch......even non-techies can handle this when they just have to sign in.

I've only been out for grocery pickup and a trip to the motorhome in storage to run the generator. Okay, okay, I did take a little ride one day to take some wildflower pictures that you saw on the last post last month. Sad to see the great gas prices when I can't take off and travel. I'm sure once things open up the gas will rocket up in price.

DH managed to trade one of his motorcycles in on a new Africa Twin. He and my DS go out riding frequently. They head out into the countryside. I'm glad they can do it or I think he just might drive me crazy, lol.

We had to cancel all our RV rallies in March, April, and May. We were hoping to go to Abilene TX in June but discovered that they had the worst per capita coronavirus record in Texas and the 4th in the country so we cancelled our rally there as many in our group are over 65 with some other health issues that don't ordinarily hold us back.  Just wouldn't have been smart.

Texas State Parks opened for Day use only a couple of weeks ago. Although you had to make online reservations to limit contact with staff, rest rooms and any other facilities were off limits. I don't know about you, but I can't go all day without a bathroom. At least if you were in your RV you would use your own bathroom.

Just got word yesterday that overnight camping will open May 18 but only to those who already had reservations before this all started. Hmmm. No info on when you could actually make future reservations. I think Memorial Day weekend will be chaotic so I wouldn't plan to camp then anyway.

 I keep in contact with friends and we share what we are doing. Carolyn has been doing a lot of cooking and freezing meals. This was her latest soup.

Not an exciting post by any means but I thought I should have some record of what was going on during this time period. Hope you are all doing great. This too shall pass.