The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Getting Ready to Head Out

I am so excited today....why you ask???

Well, it's obviously spring here in Texas so sorry if you live where it is cold and white...cold and white is why I don't live there!

Here in Texas my redbud tree is blooming!

My Mountain Laurel is blooming!

No, this isn't the Texas's just a poppy blooming in my neighbor's yard.

These almost look like petunias blooming in my neighbor's yard but they are very tiny so are probably something else entirely.

So spring is sprung, flowers and trees are blooming, enough to make anyone happy right???

Well,  I have another reason to be happy..........

I am leaving in the morning for the WomenRV forum GTG at Mustang Island State Park.  Woohooo!!!!!


  1. I'm with you. I don't miss that white stuff at all! :)

  2. HI!
    Thanks for the suggestion of #228! We had never heard of it - but we tried it. It did not work, so we called the verizon store here in Perry and took it in to them to try. Unfortunatly it still didn't work...our phones are too old! But when we get new phones next summer, we'll remember the #228! We are on our way to Panama City Beach...saw from your early blog that you have spent time there!
    Loved the pictures of the flowers in Texas.

  3. Have fun and be careful.(and don't all you ladies get out of hand)


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