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Safari at the Zoo

From the Rainforest Café, we headed straight to the San Antonio Zoo. Parking was at a premium due to a bunch of ball games going on right next to the Zoo parking lot.


The San Antonio Zoo has a lot of more natural looking enclosures rather than cages but it does seem like some of them are kind of small for the animals they hold.

We started our in the Bear Corner. This is a Sun Bear and he sure was enjoying the sunshine. He was very relaxed.

The glass window behind the kids made it a little harder to get good pictures.

The Clouded Leopard had some really neat markings.

The Caracal has really long pointed ears that stand straight up.

If you are on a safari, you definitely don't want to miss Africa Live.

Can you see the hippos in the water?

Some of the fish were swimming in and out of their mouths when they opened them.

Only the heads were occasionally out of the water.

This big guy just sat there in the sun with his mouth open the whole time we were there.

These guys were much smaller but still plenty dangerous.

This is a really unique animal which looked like a cross between a zebra, a giraffe, and something else.

I can't remember what was in this window but it held everyone's attention.,

The elephant at the zoo is very old with worn out teeth so her food has to be ground up. I felt bad for her all alone. Last time we were at the zoo, there were two elephants.

The giraffes looked a lot happier.

And there is a new baby in town.

This guy looked really bored. He really needed more room to run.

I think these guys could get pretty aggressive in the wild with those sharp tusks.

The lions put on quite a show for us. Here is Dad slumbering away.

He came over to check on the kids.

And then he and Mom were getting it on. Have to say she looked really bored. He bit her to get her attention.

One of the kangaroos was really relaxing.

We were pretty close to the porcupines and those quills were really sharp.

After a busy day, we all gathered at my son and daughter-in-law's for dinner and the birthday cake. Morgan wanted a "King cake" for her birthday which is kind of unique but it was really good.

Here is the smiling birthday girl in her birthday hat.

We usually have family birthday parties here with the kids getting to choose what they would like to do on their "day" then they have parties with their school friends in Brownwood. Morgan's great uncle Jim was here visiting this weekend so he got to try "King cake" with her.

Happy Birthday are growing up way too quickly.


  1. I am torn about zoo's. I think they serve a wonderful purpose at saving animals and helping animals from going extinct but yet some of those enclosures are so small and the animals can't roam like they must want to. Some very unique animals in this zoo. Several I've never heard of before.

  2. I must say that the birthday girl is really very cute and her choice for king cake is also exclusive. Well, I am going to attend a party at event space NYC and need some good presents ideas for the birthday girl.


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