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The Longdogs
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A Quick Trip to WImberley, TX

Some days are just too nice to sit home so Birdie and I were off to Wimberley for a drive. We had a nice walk around town. They have a popcorn shop with more flavors of popcorn than you can imagine. The Kiss the Cook kitchen shop is always a must stop too.

Just a quick teaser on the boot statues.  If you haven't been to Wimberley or haven't been in a very long time, you need to visit just to see all the boots around town. Every one is different. Follow the "boots" link to read the story behind the boots.

We walked up to the Wimberley Pie Company but all they had that day was whole pies and we just wanted a we settled on a visit to The Wooden Spoon for frozen yogurt. It's a nice friendly little shop. It was a great drive through the countryside and a fun visit to a neat place.

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