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Ah! Glorious Spring Brings Bluebonnets

Monday morning dawned with an overcast sky but I set out for Canyon Lake to meet up with three other RVing ladies. Birdie is a fulltimer and Lyn is from San Diego. 80 years doesn't slow her down...she was passing through our area on her way back to San Diego after another GTG in Florida. Sage took the photo....both she and I are both anytimers. Lyn switched from a truck camper to this cute little trailer last year.....her large dog is older and needs a ramp to get in/out of the truck and camper so now they can continue with their RV travels.

Lyn picked a perfect time to visit Texas. We headed out towards Fredricksburg to show her the Texas Bluebonnets. The sun was out by the time we reached the Wildseed Farm outside of Fredricksburg.

We stopped to make sure Lyn got her fill of bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets are definitely a theme right now.

But the poppies are also in bloom here.

Then we headed further on to the Willow City Loop to see the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush in their natural habitat. This is actually a ranch road but the ranchers are gracious in letting the public travel through here. You are not supposed to go out in the fields.....the land is private and the cattle are not all behind fences. It is a narrow road and traffic is horrendous on a weekend during the bluebonnet season. We saw one couple coming through in a small class C which isn't wise as narrow as the road is but as we were coming out on the other end....a real fool was coming into the area pulling a 5th wheel. One rancher has old cowboy boots on each of his roadside fence posts.

Old farm equipment is pretty scenic too.

Even without the wildflowers, the views are pretty scenic here.

The bluebonnets fit right in with the cacti and primroses.

They are also at home with the Indian Paintbrushes.

Ranches are nestled down in the valleys.

As you can just see on the far right, you go across numerous cattle guards as you go from one ranch to another.

This year there is even abundant water in the streams.

As you can see, this is a narrow road. I managed to catch this with only one car showing.

It's especially narrow where the water crosses.

This is such a beautiful drive but weekends are a zoo. I feel for the people who live along here trying to get in or out on the weekend but they are gracious for the few weeks that everything is in bloom.

Bluebonnets in bloom can bring a smile to anyone's face. It takes at least an hour to drive the loop because you will be going real slow to take it all in. I hope there are several more wildflower trips for me over the next couple weeks.

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