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The Longdogs
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Tom Sawyer and the Mighty Mississippi

We enjoyed our two nights at Tom Sawyer Mississippi River RV Park. The endless traffic of barges coming down the Mississippi River is the main attraction. You won't find a pool or a recreation room but you will enjoy the view and the peaceful atmosphere.

This is the view out my back window. We were in the second row of this area and, even though other RVs eventually parked in front of us, we could still see in front of us. There are also benches along the water front so you can relax and take in the sites.

We saw some small flowers in the grass.

Of course, Tom Sawyer would definitely have a tree house with a ladder for easy access.

There are three different RV areas. Ours was open, this one was very treed and shady, and the third was a combination of both open and treed.

If you like to fish, there are a couple of stocked ponds.

I am the 5th wheel on the left with friend Mary Jane in the mini-motorhome to my right.

We missed Tom the first time we drove in.

Downtown Memphis is around the bend. The boat left center was a paddle wheeler which appeared to be grounded or pulled up on shore but it was too far away for me to be able to tell for sure.

It was very interesting and relaxing to watch the barges chug by us.

Some tugs pushed five or six barges.

This one almost looked like it was double wide.

The row in front of us filled in but we could still see between and all the benches along the riverside were nice.
If your GPS tells you to come in on 8th St, ignore it and go further until you come to the South Loop and take that back around. 8th Street is very rough and has a rather high railroad crossing.

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