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Christmas Better Late Than Never

Maybe "Better Late Than Never" is not a good choice in words. In odd numbered years (i.e. 2017), the grandkids spend New Years with their Dad and Christmas with their Mom. So they arrived the evening of 28 December so we celebrated Christmas on the 29th complete with presents and the traditional dinner. I made cinnamon rolls on the eve and baked them in the morning right before we headed over to our son and DIL's. Presents had already been put under their tree the day before.

Angus wanted to help open on of Helen's presents.

I think this was a stocking gift for Cam...Finger soccer.

Angus got a lion's mane. It was very realistic from the front.

Morgan has lots of cow decorations in her room so she thought this calendar was pretty cool.

Helen had a really big package as she had mentioned she would really like a firepit for the backyard.

I think Dave was trying to figure out what this was.

Angus carefully annialated some wrapping after it came off the packages. she doesn't eat it just shreds it.

In addition to the cinnamon roles, we had some mini-quiches and the hashbrowns Helen is fixing.
I didn't do a great job of taking pictures and totally missed any of the lovely spiral ham dinner that we had later that afternoon. Helen loves to cook so we had dinner at their house and I brought mashed potatoes and homemade dinner rolls to add to all that she fixed. It was a great Christmas.

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  1. I am amazed at how fast your grandkids are growing up. Makes me feel old.


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