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The Longdogs
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Lunch with the Kids

Saturday the kids, grandkids, Angus, and I went down to the Pearl Brewery Market. It was a beautiful day. It is getting harder and harder to get the grandkids in a picture especially Cameron. This is the way we like our Christmas weather.....warm and sunny.

Angus has a hard time understanding why he can't go play on the astroturf with the kids. I think I am getting the "stink eye" look.

After a walk around the whole area several times, we were off to Sam's Burger Joint for lunch. Angus was happy to take a nap in the truck while we were inside.

Apparently this place has a lot going on with entertainment but I have only been there at lunch.

There burgers are good. Notice the "brand"?

Cam just made the varsity soccer team in Brownwood as a freshman.....lots of work arounds for visits are predicted. They are going up too fast.

Morgan will be a teenager next month.

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