The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Happy Birthday America!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July whatever you did and wherever you celebrated.

I would have loved to be out in the RV but holidays are just too crowded and some of the celebrations get a little too wild so we celebrated at home.  First, we all headed up to Gruene. Steve and Cameron on one motorcycle and Dave on his bike with Helen, Morgan, and I in the car. Angus and Harley stayed home as it is just too hot to take them right now.

We had a relaxing visit at the Gruene Coffee Haus. Steve knows everyone there and they know him too. Grandpa Dave and the two grandkids went next door to the Toy Shop. They always enjoy walking through isn't just an ordinary toy shop, there are toys for everyone.

We headed home after a while and the kids and granddaughter got started on dinner. Helen had mentioned shrimp earlier which didn't really sound very 4th of Julyish but it turns out that it was only for an appetizer. The main meal was kabobs. Helen made the chicken and bacon kabobs.

Morgan was in charge of putting together the vegetable kabobs. I was in charge of watching and taking a few photos.

And then they were ready for the grill.

Steve took over the grilling job. It's great to have a daughter-in-law that likes to cook and a son that doesn't mind helping. I have been having a problem with tendonitous in both shoulders so it was especially nice.

The meal turned out to be absolutely delicious.

Later on in the evening, the kids and grandkids headed out to see the fireworks. Dave and I stayed home with Angus and Harley. Unfortunately, the fireworks at Ratama Park were not anywhere near as spectacular as these. Neither Angus or Harley are afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms. I just closed the doggy door so they wouldn't run in and out checking on the noise in the neighborhood.
Happy Birthday America

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  1. Those kabobs look delish! I remember the Gruene Coffee Haus- the pkace where we met! :-)


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