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2022-09-26 Salmon Lake RV Park Large Rental Hall.

 This post is primarily a review of the largest rental hall at Salmon Lake. It is made from two churches joined together allowing a very large area that can hold up to 200. For a rally, those RV sites closest to the building area would be used. 

This is the front part of the combined buildings.

This is the back side area but it is all open between the areas.

This is the stage area.

The kitchen is not huge but it has a stove and two fridges plus a long counter area. There is also a counter with a large double sink.

There is also a microwave.

While the rest of the park has only one bathhouse with toilets, this building has two bathrooms with showers plus a family bathroom which would be available 24 hours a day to those with the rally group.

These are RV sites closest to the building. You can pull all the way through from each side so the hookups are at the rear of each RV. This leaves an open area between each RV so they are not as close together as it would appear.

The oldest hookups look like this but have both 30 and 50 amp hookups.

In summary, the park is rustic but very interesting. The rally hall is good. There are also cabins available. The staff is friendly and accomodating. See my last post for the cabins and rest of the park.

I missed these buildings in my last post and didn't want to leave them out.

Now that we are settled in, we are off to tour other nearby towns and sites.

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