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The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

All Children at Heart

Tuesday we headed to New Braunfels to the McKenna Children's Museum. The kids have been to the Children's Museum in San Antonio and had a great time. Helen is great at finding Groupons to various places which save quite a bit on entrance fees.

McKenna Children's Museum, New Braunfels

The Children's Museum is quite a bit smaller than the one in San Antonio and, at first, we were a little concerned that the set up seemed designed for children younger than Cam and Morgan who are 11 and 8. I would definitely recommend it for children under 8 but the grandkids still had a great time. Morgan has a doctor's coat on taking care of her "patient".....

......while Cam was checking out cells under the microscope.

How tall are we?

Learning about the effects of water flow.

The resident artist's room was a big hit with easels, smocks, and paint.

Morgan did this picture and presented it to us.

It takes concentration to be a great artist.

After the museum visit, we all headed back to Grandpa and Grandma's house for dinner and.......
another birthday party. Harley is now 6 years old and, no, he didn't have any of his chocolate cake before anyone gets worried.

Harley and the rest of the furkids guests all had several doggy treats of chicken jerky.....a favorite!

Happy Birthday Harley!  And many more........


  1. Today is Scooter's 12th birthday and she sends many wishes to Harley. Looks like the grands had a good time even though it might have been a little young for them. Sometimes it's fun to revert back to our younger childhood.

  2. These kinds of museums bring the kid out in all of us.


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