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Hill Country Visit

Saturday Steve, Helen, Morgan, Dave, and I plus Angus headed up to Luckenbach for the Harvest Classic Motorcycle Classic. I think it is Dave's favorite rally so he and Dave were really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, they were charging $20 each to get in.......not at all what we expected since it has never cost very much before. Helen and I decided to go to Fredericksburg and we gave Morgan the choice of coming with us or staying with her Dad. She decided she would rather go with us. The guys rode up front while the gals rode in the backseat. Angus thought he was hot stuff up front.

I thought I knew Fredericksburg pretty well but Helen took us to a restaurant I didn't know anything about. It is both an antique shop and restaurant.

They were decked out for Halloween.

The furniture is very rustic as is the whole place.

Yes, this chair with exposed horsehair stuffing was for sale for a pretty price.

The café is also a bakery and the food was very good.

It is a popular place to eat with a wide variety of choices.

Right across the street was an old laundry redone as a furniture store.

After lunch we walked around downtown which is always fun.

Some of the stores downtown were also decorated.

The Pacific War Museum sure has grown over the years. There is a lot there besides just the main building. Plan on a whole day if you want to tour it.

Everyone loves the Hill Country.

We stopped in at the pet store downtown. Angus waited in the truck for us......he was napping in the cool weather. Speaking of an unusual cool spell. Angus got a new sweater.....he is not fond of being cold just like the weeny dogs.

There was a neat hat too but unfortunately it was too small. It was pretty cute too as it was a sock monkey hat.
We got a call from the guys so we headed back to Luckenbach to pick them up. We all had a fun day.

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  1. We really enjoy both those places, but have not been there in awhile, thanks for the memories:)


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