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The Longdogs
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Willy's Big Day.....Sixteenth Birthday

Willy was a rescue dog. We found him wagging his tail in a crate at the Bowie Flea Market. So, of course, we didn't know his exact birthday. The vet said he was about the same age as our Gretchen so she gratiously shared her April 16 birthday. So, this year, our little old Willy is 16 years old. He's very gray, a little wobbly, and sometimes isn't really positive where he is because his eyes don't work too well anymore and his hearing doesn't work at all. But he is still our Willy. We waited until the grandkids were here for the weekend because they love to celebrate birthdays.

I think he could see the candles burning but he had to have help blowing them out.

Dave was right there to provide lots of treats since chocolate cake isn't on Willy's diet.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

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  1. Happy birthday Willie. Our babies will be 16 next year. Skitz is like Willie, wobbly, not sure where she is, cant hear anything, still sees pretty good. But we love them even more.


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