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2021-06-12 Food, Fun, and Rusty Shirts

 Back at the Rally Room, Mary Ann and Olivia were ready to show us how to do a unique craft project. We are doing ours on shirts but Olivia had already made two pillows to demonstrate what the finished product could look like.

I missed a photo of the first step which is to mix vinegar and water half and half in a bowl or basin. Then you need some steel wool.....not Brillo pads.....or some other pieces of metal that are rusty or will rust. Olivia used some old lawn mower blades for her pillows which looked really great.  Dip your shirt or other material in the vinegar/water mix and squeeze just enough liquid out so that it won't run all over. Have a sheet of plastic.....garbage bag slit open will work fine. Sprinkle with salt. Lay your shirt/fabric out and sprinkle it with salt. Put your steel wool or other rusty items out on the material however you want.

Roll up the shirt/material and then roll it up in the plastic.

Put your art project outside in the sun and leave it for a number of hours. Longer equals more rusty pattern. You can wash it in the washing machine no problem. I would recommend washing alone the first time.

We took a break after that. Some ladies needed to work on their potluck items. Others took a nap. Some went swimming.  

Everyone was supposed to meet back at the Rally Room at 5pm for the group photo.

After a quick meeting with some announcements about upcoming rallies, everyone lined up for the potluck.

There is always more than enough food for all and then some.

There was another opportunity for visiting while we all enjoyed the good food.

After dinner, we all gathered to play a game of Camping Jeopardy. It was fun with everyone divided into two teams. 

It was a great rally. Everyone survived the heat and had a good time. Mary Jane and I were on the road home at 8:30AM on Sunday morning. I usually stay until Monday but Sunday was our anniversary so I wanted to make it home Sunday.

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