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The Longdogs
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2024-04-08 TRR Eclipse Rally- The big day

The big day is finally here. It started with breakfast tacos ala Rita. She has a few tricks up her sleeve to fix tacos for 40+ women. I wondered how she was going to transport so many dozens of eggs.... eggs already cracked in a carton. And did you know that you can get hashbrowns dried in a carton. You add hot water to reconstitute and then cook in a pan. That's an item I am adding to my RV pantry. Bacon pieces in a bag from HEB or Costco. That one I did know and use often. 

Kathleen manned the frying pan to cook the eggs. Each batch was transferred to a slow cooker.

 Everything was set up on the counter so you could fix your own tacos.

Not many could pass up such a fabulous breakfast so we had quite a crowd.

The dogs got in a walk between breakfast clean up and eclipse viewing.

Will the clouds stay away while the eclipse is on? It was a concern.

Mary and Carolyn set up station to take pictures throughout the eclipse. They bought a clock to show the time. I don't have all the pictures but you get the idea.

The Samba players set up to view.

You can see how the darkness came on with these consecutive pictures of Jimmie.

It did get dark, Clouds came and went. Just a few random shots of the eclipse.

It was an event to remember. 

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