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The Longdogs
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2024-04-09 TRR Rally "The End"

Our rallies often end with a "Hitch Up" breakfast which I personally don't like to plan for because you just have no idea how many to plan for. Some will leave the next morning from early birds to last minute departures and some will stay an extra day. We decided to end this rally with a Dessert Bar which was pretty popular. There was one final group of women providing all the desserts for this event. 

Kathleen made a Chocolate Eclair which was out of this world. We decided that should be her signature dessert for the future. Pat made a cherry pineapple crisp in the crockpot which was also a big hit. Both of these fabulous desserts were made onsite in their RV. Yes, you can eat well while camping.

The "Tip" jar covered all the host expenses and more. The hosts donated $140 back to the chapter.

All great things must come to an end so you can prepare for the next adventure. We had a little over 40 attendees from across the state including a couple of members from Louisiana. Some were heading home while others were off across the country. I'm already looking forward for the next adventure later this month.


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