The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Visit to the French Quarter

After a walk and some relaxing time back at the RV Park with the Traveling Longdogs, we headed back downtown.  This time our goal was the French Quarter.  I took a few photos as we drove through the Quarter to get to the parking lot.  Usually it is a lot easier to get directly to the lot but an ambulance was blocking one of the streets so it took some twisting around the one way streets to get there.

This guy must have been roasting inside this suit because it was both hot and humid.

The decorative ironwork and plants hanging throughout the quarter are always beautiful.

After parking, we headed directly to Cafe' Du Monde to get our cafe au lait and beignet fix--always good and always available 24 hours a day.

Then we walked all around taking in the sights.  Rouse's is a rather well known specialty grocery store.

Lots of scooter transportation is used in the Quarter as it is easy to get around in something small.

This was one of the local street performers on this particular day.  He has a harmonica in his mouth while he is playing the guitar.

There are also some pedestrian alleys in the Quarter with interesting sights.

 These two performers stopped for a chat with each other.  The one in the right is all in gold including his skin.

Before leaving, we had dinner at Coops.  It is a very small bar where you would never think of going to eat.  My daughter-in-law always asks around to find out where the locals eat and she found this place the last time she and Steve were in NOLA.  There aren't too many tables and you can definitely tell almost all of the clientele are locals, some very colorful.  We opened the door and were told we could either sit at the bar or wait outside until they called us to come in.  We quickly took the bar.  Steve ordered some kind of special etouffee and I ordered Pasta Italia.  Both were fantastic, well presented, and delicious.  The kitchen was out the back door and I wouldn't be surprised if it was coming directly from some very fancy restaurant chef.  "Coop" is a huge bulldog that waddled in and sat by the back door.  By the time we left, the line outside was about 30 people long.  Try Coops if you want some good food and don't need all the fancy ambiance.  It's fun.

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