The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Thursday's Potluck Dinner

After our tour of Wimberly, we returned to Potter's Creek and relaxed.  Martha, Judy, and Darlene brought their dinner items down early so they wouldn't have to make another trip to their RVs.

Birdie brought out her fancy wine opener to simplify the beverage process.

It was still pretty warm so Karen, Gloria, and Ann were looking for some shade while Paul, Dawn, and Pat were comfortable in the sun.

After a great meal, everyone stayed around to visit.  Although we had plenty of wood for campfires and the burn ban was off, no one seemed interested in having a campfire.  We had our campfire circle sans flames.  Karen and Carolyn were laughing at something someone said while Birdie and Sue were looking on.  There are no street lights at the park so it was nice and dark when we all went to bed.  We had a large open area between Birdie and my camp for us all to gather.

We did have one insistent uninvited guest.  He was not all bothered by the large crowd.

Judy, Carolyn, Maggie, and Margareta were all keeping an eye out while Birdie chased him off with some long range bug spray.  Darlene was more interested in getting away.

MaryJane moved away from the table.

But the visitor just kept wanting to come back.  The deer were pesty with their big eyes focused on the picnic table but at least we weren't worrying about any lasting after effects from them.

It was a great night and the air stayed fresh around our gathering place.  I did hear that it got smelly down the road a bit.

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