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The Longdogs
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Touring Wimberly TX

On our way back from the Salt Lick, we decided to stop and tour Wimberly.  We plan to be there tomorrow for the Market Days but that is not a good day to hit the downtown area as it will be incredibly crowded.   Since Carolyn is always looking for good pictures, she and I headed out for a "picture" tour while some of the others shopped in the little shops.  There is a hidden sculpture garden that everyone came to see first before we split up.  It is behind some of the shops and has all kinds of unique natural animal sculptures. This group includes an elephant, a rhinoceros, and some sheep.

This pumpkin family was sitting back relaxing after Halloween.

Several crocodiles and reptilian creatures formed this setting.

There are so many animals made from natural materials here that I definitely recommend that you stop for a visit.  My grandkids love it.  Texas is big on history.  The James C. Lane house was built in 1935 near a cafe operated by his wife.  They are in the process of refurbishing the yard.

Several members of the group spent time in the Kitchen Shoppe.  Birdie and Margareta purchased electric bug zapper paddles which were put to good use back at camp.  While mosquitoes were almost non-existent, we did have a few problems with yellow jackets.  I guess there was just too much "sweetness" around.

I have been in this cute little shop and they have lots to look at plus they always decorate for the holidays.

If you want to stay in Wimberly and don't have an RV, there are all sorts of bed and breakfasts around.  These unique log cabin units are right behind all the little shops.

Into vintage clothing, there are several shoppes that can serve that desire.

Lots and lots of unique gift shops with unusual names.

The slogan for Wimberley "A little bit of heaven" and I have to agree it is a neat place to visit.

Now there has been a lot of discussion about the really tiny deer everyone is seeing but Carolyn found these boots to be more typical of Texas style.

Now this is probably not what you are thinking by the name.  It is actually a restaurant.

There is a lovely little park right behind it along the river.

Lots of places to find unique items for decorating your home or RV.

Look at the hand cut boards framing the back of this deck.

Almost a town within a town, this group of mailboxes was so cute.

Carolyn hitched a short ride on this friendly horse.

My DH is more interested in iron horses like you will find at the Hog Pound.

Wild West items for sale here.

These little shops didn't appear to be open right now but they were very cute.  Not sure what was with the sign about food for zombies but suspect that this was a Halloween scene earlier in the week.

There are lots of artists in the area and we passed a gallery of beautiful bronze statues.  I couldn't resist this one.

Back to Potter's Creek and on to the Potluck Supper.

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