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Blog Renovation

Just in case you were wondering, I am alive and well here in San Antonio.  We've even had rain several times.  Not enough to fill the lakes and aquifer of course but still, every drop helps.  Just everyday stuff going on and before you know it, I am way behind on the blog posts.  I've actually been working on the blog itself.  Well, the internal stuff.  Hopefully, you haven't gotten notices that I've been updating posts.  And why would I do that?

When I initially started blogging, I just set the blog up and started blogging.  Well, I did read all the information on Blogger but you know how that goes.  Sometimes it is not totally clear until you have experienced it.  Anyway, I didn't know anything about "labels" or "categories" as Wordpress calls them.  I wasn't aware of what they could do for you.  Now I am semi-aware.  So I began adding them.  And I decided they would be quite useful to me.  My latest project has been to go back to the beginning of the blog posts and add labels to each post.  That is well over 300 posts so it took a while, quite a while in fact.  But it's done.  Now I can sort posts by the labels....for example, "Camping/RV Parks".  That should be quite useful when I want to find info on a place I stayed.  I had also hoped that I could add a page like "Camping/RV Parks" to the blog and use that label to link those posts to that page.  Alas that does not seem to work.  Seems like a good idea right?  Am I missing something?  Let me know if you have any insight on that idea.  But it was still a very worthwhile project for me.

If you are a new blogger, I recommend that you use the labels so you can easily find things later.  You might even go back and......

While I was renovating the blog, I apparently clicked a checkbox about Google+ comments.  It definitely had unintended consequences.  There were 5 comments.....all from readers with Google+ accounts.  Rick Doyle mentioned the Google+ comments change and said he would be interested in seeing how that worked out.  Hmmmm......not what I intended.  Definitely don't want to limit comments to Google+ account holders only.  So.....I went back, and after some hard searching, found the box and unchecked it.  The 5 comments disappeared from the blog.  I checked Google+ and the only comment I found was from Judy Bell.  Very confusing.   Beware of unintended changes!


  1. I admire your effort. I started with labels than stopped and am back at it. Mostly i usually need to find a particular photo. Good luck with your future changes.

  2. I left my earlier comment because I was wondering if you had intended to implement G+ Comment Integration or if it was simply an accident. Now, I know! I installed G+ comments on my blog too but reverted back as soon as I realized one had to have a G+ ID to comment.

    This new comment system isn't ready for prime time yet. I do hope Google does make some improvements to it like allowing non G+ folks to comment. Until they do, I'm keeping mine as is.

    The G+1 Button in the 'Share Buttons' below your post works much the same as the buttons for Facebook and Twitter. It has nothing whatsoever to with comments. It's simply a matter or recommending or sharing your post to other social networks.


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