The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Heading Home Through Bastrop TX

It was pretty easy to get ready to leave Montgomery on Tuesday morning since I hooked up Monday night. All I had to do was dump the tanks. I decided to sanitize the fresh water tank again as I had plenty of time. Carolyn pulled out before 9, Chris came by and picked up her motorhome, and then Vicki pulled out. Claudia was inside doing some cleanup. Karen was planning on staying one more day. About a half hour after I got on the road, the rain moved in. It came down good for a while but didn't last all that long.

I stopped in Giddings for diesel when I saw it was $2.40 at the small Buccee's. Also had some lunch and watered the longdogs.

The wildflowers on the highway heading towards Bastrop were beautiful.

A lot of the trees burned in the big fire a few years ago are still standing.

The fire skipped here and there sparing some areas and homes and burning others to the ground.

Most of these pictures were taken through the windshield so there is some glare.

The flowers were so bright they almost looked iridescent.

Other parts of the road looked like you were driving through a dense forest.

I had a good trip home with no problems. I had hoped to stop overnight at home and then head on out to Canyon Lake for a few days but that plan changed when I got a better look at the upcoming weather. Lots of rain headed our way. Not much fun to go camping with kids and dogs in the rain so that will have to happen another day.

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  1. Nice drive even with rain. Sure is nice to have the option not to camp in the rain.


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