The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

2022-02-18 Moving Right Along

Tues - As everyone knows, a hospital is the last place you get any sleep. The staff is great at North Baptist Orthopedic Hospital. I admit that I was probably a little grouchy when I got woken up at 4:20 am with a cheerful " Good Morning, Im here to draw some blood." I mean, really, 4:20 is not morning in my book and never had been. Breakfast arrived at 8:30, PT arrived at 9 and we walked down the long hallway to the PT room after I got dressed. I already did PT yesterday evening after surgery. Very nice doctor on my Drs team showed up to chat and answered any questions. At 11:00AM, I called Dave and he picked me up to go home at 11:30AM. I had lunch and then I walked upstairs with a little help from Dave. My only scre up was that I fell asleep and slept 2 hours past when I was going to take a pain pill. I will never make that mistake again as it took 2 pills to get back on track 

Wednesday - PT supervisor Jeff arrived at 9:30AM. Same company as last time, Abiding Home Health Care. I asked for them when my doctor setup the surgery. They called me before I had surgery and I asked if I could have Kris again. She is great. Jeff went through my exercises and said I was ahead of schedule on what I could do. At noon, the nurse showed up up to check me out. I felt really bad as I was upstairs and my deaf husband and deaf dog never heard the doorbell or her knock. I'm shouting down the stairs to come in. Just as she opened the door and said, I hear you but don't see you, Dave and Harley showed up to greet her. It was a comedy. She was new as nd a huge improvement over the ancient woman I had last time.
Thursday - Dave and Steve went for a motorcycle ride and Helen teleworked from here. We also got two led wifi bulbs set up in the bedroom so I can just tell Alexa to turn lights off up or downstairs. Very convenient as Dave turns on the overhead bedroom fanlights and 160 watts in your face is way too much. I tritted downstairs for dinner and a movie or two.
Friday - much the same as Wednesday.
Saturday - I came downstairs in the morning and went back up right after lunch. Some friends called from nearby so I called to get an assist downstairs. We all had coffee and flowers and brought me some beautiful roses. Steve and Helen were coming for dinner so I just stay d down. Helen fixed Eggplant Parmigiana and her own version of spaghetti carbonara. It was my birthday so we had cake and ice cream. Singing happy birthday around here is interesting. Cameron was on the speaker phone from Brownwood and Angus, Steve's dog always joins in. Cameron and Morgan both called from Brownwood. Morgan was supposed to be here but her mother refused to drive her halfway even though it was their weekend with Steve. Morgan was very disappointed. 
In case you were wondering, we have a "family birthday hat" and plate. It was a great birthday but we missed the kids.
Sunday - More of the same. I do all the exercises when PT is not here so progress is steady. Plan to be able to drive the motorhome 30 days after surgery. 

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