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Frank Brown Aquatic Center

Today we headed out to Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach.  You can see by the list below that the park has a lot going on.
  • (9) Softball / Baseball Fields
  • (2) T-Ball fields
  • (3) Soccer fields
  • (4) Multi-purpose football fields
  • (4) Tennis courts
  • (2) Outdoor basketball court
  • (2) Shuffle-board courts
  • (1) Indoor gymnasium
  • (1) Under the Palms playground
  • (1) Large group picnic pavilion
  • (1) 22-acre festival site
  • (1) Freshwater Youth Fishing Pond
  • 1.5 miles of greenways & trails
  • (1) Fenced dog play area
  • (1) Aquatic Center 
We were primarily interested in the Aquatic Center today.  Steve and Helen bought a family pass and the kids spent a month in swimming lessons there last year.  This is also the pool where Helen does the swimming portion of her triathlon training.  It is a salt water pool versus clorine and is open year round.  Of course, it is pretty pricey too.  I think we will have to make a trip just for the "Under the Palms playground" which looked pretty fantastic too or maybe give the kids fishing pond a try.

This is the play area part of the Aquatic Center.  It is pretty big and you can see that it was being well used on this day.

This was the first shot I tried of Cameron diving into the pool.  See the splash in front. lol.  It takes the camera a bit of time to capture the action.

I snapped as he was running and managed to get a little better shot.

This would have been a great picture of Steve diving if the flags were strung everywhere.

Cameron practicing his "cannonball".

Steve flying through the air.

Cameron to the left of the lifeguard.

This is Steve at the top of the big water slide.  Cameron zipped into the tube just as I spotted them at the head of the line.

Morgan wasn't in to the diving or water slide yet but she wanted everyone to know that she was there having fun too.  She can swim quite well for a five year old so those many miles Steve and Helen drove them back and forth for swimming lessons at Frank Brown park last year paid off.

All three of the kids had a great time while Grandma had a fairly cool place under a canopy to watch and read a book.  After everyone was ready to go, we went over to the Border's in Panama City Beach.  We found out that today is the last day for the coffee shop but they don't have a final day for the rest of the bookstore.  We will really miss our Border's visits here and in San Antonio.

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