The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Swimming with the Fish

The kids like to go down to the neighborhood park to swim whenever they have the opportunity which is several times a week.  On this particular visit you can see them checking out the water very carefully.

It appears that they weren't alone.  Some people use a fishing pole.  Some people fish by hand and temporarily store their catch in a baggy.  These little guys were nibbling on this particular day.

Steve dropped off another fish and raced back to the water.

The kids were really excited since they hadn't seen any fish there before.

The park also has a place to launch boats and this is one of the more unusual boats that we saw launch on this day.  You can see by the size of the trailer with triple axles that this was a good size boat.

By the end of the swim, the catch was up to 12 fish.  We got a couple of excited photos before the fish were all returned to the bay.  This was definitely a "catch and release" fishing day.

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