The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It seems like we have had more than our share of rain since we arrived here in Panama City.  We arrived on Wednesday and it rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I understand that it is common for Florida to have a rain shower quite frequently in the summer but it usually comes and goes quickly.  These torrents came and stayed and stayed.  The three dachshunds would look outside and then look at me like "this is crazy, you can't be serious about going out."  Harley and Willy are allergic to water falling from the sky but Gretchen is a little braver.  She enjoys the "getting dried part."

We made a trip to Borders to look at some magazines and books to pass the time.  Steve had to work on Friday so the kids, dogs, and I kept busy here.  The kids worked on birthday cards and wrapped some presents because we had a birthday party when Steve and Helen came home.  It was a belated one for Helen and it was also Harley's birthday, the big "3", not that he let on.  

Saturday we went to Books A Million, more coffee and books.  Then we were invited to a barbecue on the far side of Panama City Beach.  Beautiful neighborhood, beautiful house, and great people.  Most of the guests were part of the Triathlon community.  Helen is a professional triathlete and Steve is heavy into the bike part.  The kids had a great time because there were a lot of kids and they had fun playing.  Everyone brought their own meat to grill and all the sides were furnished.  Lots of fun but still raining!!!

We did manage to get some walks in anyway whenever the rain would let up.  On Sunday, we headed out through the neighborhood over to the bridge crossing the bay.  The old bridge is only for pedestrians so we headed across.  It makes for a really nice walk and you can often see dolphins playing in the bay.  The kids really enjoyed that.

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