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HEB Central Market, San Antonio, TX

My friend Susan has been wanting to find a store that has bulk foods like she was used to in California.  She was familiar with a chain called Central Market.  I told her that HEB has a Central Market in Alamo Heights but it is definitely an HEB store.  We decided to take a trip down there so she could check it out.  Going to this store is not like a trip to just any old grocery store.  They have produce and more produce, almost any kind you can think of....not just what is carried in other stores.

Susan was impressed and we were just inside the front door.

Next we toured the cheese area.  They have hundreds, maybe thousands of different cheeses from all over the world.

Are you hungry?  Lots of patrons come in the store for lunch.  They have a salad bar, a fruit bar, a bar with various spreads/toppings like guacamole, pimento cheese, etc.  Then they have everything from gourmet macaroni and cheese to roast beef, to egg rolls, to roasted brussel sprouts.  I could go on for a whole page.

That doesn't include the grill, the Sushi bar, the wok bar, etc.  You pick out what you want, pay for it, and head to a cafe area where you can heat cold items in a microwave and get drinks.  We tried their baked potato soup, clam chowder, roasted brussel sprouts, and pork eggroll.  All were delicious.

Then we wandered through the wine area.  So many choices.

Too bad you can't smell the delicious bread and baked goods.  We managed to make it through there with samples only.

While we were in checking out the store, Angel (Susan's little dog) was patiently waiting for us in her truck.  She doesn't seem to mind at all and it was cool enough today to not be any problem.  We also noticed some other angels as we pulled out of the parking lot.  They are really beautiful.

We let Susan's phone Sari lead us astray to "Alamo Central Market" which turned out to be just a little store right down near the Alamo.  Good thing I headed us toward HEB's Central Market first.  Fortunately traffic was very light and we headed back north without any traffic jams.


  1. We could make that place a destination for a day. We love wandering around anywhere we are surrounded by food.

  2. Sure am glad I was committed for the day!

  3. I really really have to get to an HEB Market when we hit the US.

  4. You will have to come to Texas Contessa.


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