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Three Bloggers GTG

Wednesday morning, Susan and Angel, from What's Up with Susan & Company, picked me up and we were off to meet another Susan, from Travel Bug.  If you have followed Susan on Travel Bug, you will know that she fell about three weeks ago and broke her face (bones, nose, skin, teeth). Her jaws are still wired together to allow the bones in her face to heal.  After we picked Susan up, we went to IHOP and sat around chatting and drinking tea and coffee.  Then we went back to Susan's RV and visited some more.  It was a great afternoon.

I really enjoyed meeting Susan.  Not only do she and her husband Bob lead an interesting life full-timing in their 5th wheel, she is a very courageous woman who is not only dealing with the trauma she is going through but blogging about it and continuing to lead her life one day at a time.

Yesterday she wrote an interesting post, Be Independent, which describes perfectly her philosophy and the way she lives her life.  I think that philosophy is why she is getting through her current health issues with courage and poise.  Thanks again Susan, I hope we can get together again soon.

After we left Travel Bug Susan, What's Up Susan and I headed back to my house so I could pick up my truck and follow her back to Camping World.  Susan wanted to show me her 5th wheel which is there for some work and to get some help with computer programs and blogs.  Two hours later, I headed homeward.  What?????  Camping World's gate was chained.  Susan is hooked up to electric and staying at CW while they do the work since she is a full-timer.  They told her the gate would not be locked.  Susan was prepared to call the manager who assured her she could get out but I decided to check closer before she made that call.  The chain was wrapped tightly around the metal gate, but wait, there was a link hook holding the links together rather than a padlock.  So, I was able to unhook and unwind the chain, open the gate, drive out, park, and come back to redo the whole process.  Whew, staying overnight at Camping World was definitely not in my plans for the evening.


  1. Colleen,
    Thanks for the shout out.

    Whew, glad the gate wasn't really locked!

  2. You always seem to come out of situations just right.


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