The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Just Hanging Out

RV trip coming up in less than two weeks but the kids are gone and we are just hanging out.

"I don't think I am allowed up here but it's a great place for sunning."

"I don't think she noticed."

"Gretchen....are you awake Gretchen?"

"Well, I am now you little idiot."

"Keep the noise down over there."

"Oh, should I pose? I think this is my best side"

Out walking with one of my buds.  "He he, they stuck him with a back pack. I think he's got enough water in there for me too."

"Hey you, you may be bigger but I'm the senior dog on patrol and I get to be in front. Pay attention you young whipper snapper."

"Willy and Gretchen are at home. Wait until they hear that I got a truck ride and a trail walk. They are going to be so jealous."


  1. What a sweet pack you have! I wish dogs could actually speak...or maybe not!!

  2. My brother-in-law had a doxie, and he adored him. He was the cutest little thing--loved petting and smooching. He was smaller than your adorable crew, but I think I recall that he was a miniature if there is any such thing in the Dachshund breed. Always happy to see people love their pups the way I love mine.

    1. You rarely ever see anything other than miniature dachshunds. Full size dachsies are the size of basset hounds. Willy is the biggest of my crew at 12 lbs 4 ozs, Harley is 11 lbs, and Gretchen is 10 lbs, 5 ozs.


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