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The Longdogs
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Big Chief Rally Part 1

We had a chilly spell the week before but when we headed up Hwy 281 towards Burnet TX and the Big Chief RV Resort for the Texas Ramblin' Roses Rally, the weather was great. I left the dachsies at home with Dave for the first time because, although this is a great resort, the last time I was there, they had a real goathead know those really hard stickers that dig in and are very painful.  I will tell you right up front though that they have really worked the problem and it was 100% better. And I missed having the dachsies along. The rally officially started on Friday but a lot of us were there on Thursday.

We all gathered down by the boat ramp to see the spectacular sunset.

Can you believe that it started at 5:35PM?

It was really worthwhile though.

And promised us another beautiful day.

I did manage to get a few photos of the resort before the sunset gathering. Mary Jane is between her rig (left) and my rig behind her.

The clubhouse is really nice and a good size. It has a nice kitchen at one end and a big screen TV at the other end. The pool and hot tub as well as a nice deck are just behind the clubhouse.

The office is at the right end of this building and there is another rec room for guests at the left side.

Friday, we had a happy hour followed by a potluck dinner which included fried chicken provided by the 2018 officers. Needless to say, we could have served well over a much food!

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