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Ice Cream Socials and The Sync Show

Mornings were spent attending seminars, or as a volunteer manning the help desk, or providing seminar or vendor security. We also found time to check out the vendor booths and the fund raiser baskets up for auction. My friend Sage donated quite a few camping items which I put together in two packages and brought to the convention since she didn't attend this year. There were an amazing amount of baskets for people to bid on but they all had bidders and brought in more money for future events.

the next afternoon, the Mid America chapter sponsored a an ice cream social. It was very well attended in spite of the cold temperatures outside. These ladies scooped a mountain of ice cream and poured a lot of sauce.

We were all back at the main ballroom for the "Sync" program that evening.

First up were the "Ukuladies" from Florida.

They meet up to entertain often and did a great job in their performance here.

Then there was a skit based on an old program.

There were a lot of good performers and I just didn't get pictures of them all.

You probably remember Rosanne Roxannadana from Saturday night live.

It was a very fun night. Our emcee for all the programs was Stephanie and she did a really good job of pulling everything together and moving things along,

I didn't get too many pictures at the seminars I attended but here is one with Donna Carmon telling us all about Letter Boxing. If you haven't heard of it, it has been around a lot longer than geocashing has and doesn't require a GPS.
I attended a number of other good seminars on tire safety, RV tank maintenance, and work camping.

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