The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Celebrations Are In Order

It seems as though our weekends are either pretty quiet or jam packed. Even though they are not always in San Antonio with their Dad on special days, they always want to celebrate with all of us too. So Friday night we celebrated Cameron's 15th birthday a few days late. I know, I know, it hardly seems possible that he is 15 years old already. Lots of changes over the last couple of years but he is still the same sweet kid under all that.  We have a birthday hat!

It goes along with a special birthday plate which we usually save for the celebrants cake.

There was a special 10 year candle plus five one year candles.

This is a very special soccer ball that measure and records your shots in conjunction with your phone.

The next day, we celebrated another special day Thanksgiving. Of course it was several days after the holiday but the turkey was just as good Saturday as it would have been on Thursday.

But it's a special day whenever you celebrate it as long as you can all be together.....that is our philosophy and we are sticking to it.  Hope your holiday was as good as ours! 

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