The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

2021-04-15 Flatrock Side of Hords Creek Park and Rancho Pizzeria

 The weather is getting chillier here in West Texas so we decided that we would spend our afternoon checking out the rest of the parks at Hords Creek. We were in the Lakeside Park campground. The Friendship Beach Area is reserved for Day Use. I like the fact that COE parks have separate areas for Day Use and Campgrounds are reserved for campers only. It's not fun to arrive at a park and find that your camping site is being used by picnickers.

We drove across the dam to reach the other parks.

This is the middle of the dam. You can see down the lake would be able to see even more water at the other end if the lake wasn't so low.

The Friendship Day Use area is very nice with a beach area and covered picnic tables just above. The covered tables would be much appreciated in the hot Texas summer sun.

Since the Flatrock Park campground is not open right now, we didn't know if we would be able to see anything at all. However, the gate was open so we went in to take a peak. They are working on one of the camping looks so we didn't go down there at all but we did get to drive around the other loops. They are very similar to the Lakeside camping area.

This leads down to a boat ramp. We didn't take many pictures because we didn't want to dawdle.

We decided that we would try another dining place in Coleman because we didn't really want to grill out in the cold. We arrived early and did a little more scouting around town.

We found a few more interesting murals. This one is celebrating Miss Rodeo Texas.

We headed to Rancho Pizzeria for dinner. Who could pass on genuine wood fired pizza. We were early so there weren't many people there but by the time we left, the tables were filled.

This is a close up of the pizza oven. You can see the wood in the back of the oven.

This young lady is cutting up a pizza fresh from the oven with the waiter ready to take it out to the right table.

This is a meat lovers type pizza. They are all thin crust with crispy edges We each had a different kind and all three were great.

We also each had a peach bellini with our pizza. They also had old fashioned type clear wine bottles with icy cold water on each table and were quick to refill the bottle.

All in all, dinner was delicious and the whole experience was wonderful! If you plan to give this place a try along with several other dining places and the Winery, be aware that they are only open Thursday through Sunday in the evening.

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