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The Longdogs
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2022-05-28 Cameron's Graduation

 We were on our way to Brownwood Texas by noon on Friday for our grandson Cameron's high school graduation. Steve, Helen, Dave, and I did the drive up in our car. It's close to a 4 hour drive so Harley stayed home with the neighbors checking on him and feeding him dinner while Angus went to Pawderosa for the night. We arrived in time to take Cameron and Morgan out to a very early dinner before the ceremony. 

The ceremony was outside at the stadium. It was very hot (98 degrees) and we were in the full sun.

We arrived early so we were in the first row of bleacher seats. It was a quite a while before the graduates were gathered and ready to march in.

We were close enough to see well and get good pictures so it was worth the heat.

The tall one is our Cameron.

It took a while to march all those grads in to their seats.

The serape stoles signify Spanish club. The white is for those cum laude grads and the cords each stand for something as well.

Almost at the diploma stage.

The big moment. They made very good use of the score board showing each of the students as well as group shots.

Happy to be done!

Student hijinx.

The final excitement for the students!

They also showed the plans each student has for the future. Cameron will be going to Angelo State University in San Angelo in the fall.

It was a very long day. We didn't arrive back home until midnight but we are so glad we made the trip.

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